Friday, June 22, 2007

PS to Eastern Desserts

As much as I don't like Asian desserts, the Japanese are clever at making some Western treats. Currently, in NY, the best creampuffs to be had are at the oddly named Beard Papa chain, imported from Japan. These are delicious, with a nice light pasrty, and fresh cream, injected when you buy them. They are the best creampuffs I've eaten in a long time, especially since a good bakery is heard to find.


Hugo Lindquist said...

Yum. My friend and I went to a Vietnamese restaurant. He, being a native of SE Asia, knew his way around the menu and recommended several delicious items. Until dessert. He insisted I order this tall glass of...something from the dessert department. It looked like a refreshing iced tea with some nice mint sprigs in there and also pieces of fruit I did not recognize - like oversized brown blueberries. Oh Baby. A flavor that a Western gringo cannot find words to describe. Thick sugar syrup on ice mixed with a bitter/sour fruit taste that was other-worldly. I obviously insulted my enthusiastic friend. I didn't lie to him. I thought it tasted like ass.

Gorilla Bob said...

Yep, those Easterners pull some funny shit on us Occidentals.