Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bayard Street

Bayard St. in Chinatown is one of my favorite streets, containing many of my fondest eateries. On the corner of Bowery & Bayard is NY Noodletown, home of some great soups and a great dish of baby pig, but you have to come early for the pig, it sells out quickly. I am a lover of pork, by the way, in all its manifestations, and the baby pork here is a delight. A little further down Bayard is New Green Bo, a place I love. I'm fond of their soup dumplings,the whole fish Szechuan style, and sizzling rice shrimp soup. Also, wonderful rice cakes with whatever. These rice cakes are not the flavorless dry things dieters force down their throats, but soft small cakes, delightful to the tongue, and full of flavor. Across from New Green Bo, we have Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, home of the delicious almond cookie flavor and if you're feeling perverse, how about Durian ice cream? Smells just like the fruit, by the way. Walking further down the street, we come to a small storefront, where excellent freshly made jerky can be had, beef or pork. Really good stuff, juicy and full of flavor. Next to this place is Shanghai Cuisine, which has some of my favorite sesame noodles, and makes the most fall off the bone pork shoulder you've ever eaten. Also, excellent soup dumplings. And the restaurant is slightly better, atmosphere wise, than New Green Bo, which has all the charm of a cheap greasy spoon. I usually don't care about atmosphere, but for those who care, Shanghai is a nicer place to sit.
Of course, there are many other cool places, but Bayard is a nice compact street with many of mine all in one small area.


roy said...

This just popped into my head -- have you ever been to a really good Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn? I haven't. I don't believe they exist.

Ditto Queens, SI, etc.

Might it be that the only decent Chinese restaurants on the Eastern Seaboard are in Manhattan?

Mistress Katya said...

And that is why I could never leave NY...where else can I get good Chinese eats?

Michael said...

I get seeeeeeriously annoyed at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. They made one batch or so of Wasabi Ice Cream and havent since. Then I get myself turned on to their Green Tea flavor....I needed a fix today. And theyre OUT.
HOW THE F**K can you NOT have so many flavors?
Some of their others are mediocre so its not like theres a lot of alternates when theyre out of your fix.
I like the black sesame too.