Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Food Craving

I recently ate at Otafaku, a small Japanese place in the East Village that offers what I'm guessing is Japanese fast food. It's been around for years, but I never ate there until the other week, and I now have a new food craving: Japanese egg and cabbage called okonomiyaki. I love 'em! I believe their replacing my lust for the sesame wontons at Plump Dumpling. You can also get yakisoba, which is sort of like Japanese lo mein, and these fried balls with a bit of octopus in the center. I like those too, but I love the pancakes, which are like Japanese egg foo yung. Also, I usually dislike unsweetened iced tea, but I love the unsweetened iced tea here, which is called muggi chai or some such, and it's a barley tea, which a great flavor, very satisfying.
Anyway, always like to expand my food horizons.

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