Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Still here....

I know, I'm a bad blogger! But life interferes with cyber life, what can you do?
Just a few new Bests, for those interested:
BEST COFFEE ICE CREAM: Stonyfield Farms Gotta Have Coffee (formerly Javalicious), & Double Rainbow's Coffee.
BEST VANILLA ICE CREAM: Green & Black's Vanilla. Really wonderful, deep flavor.
BEST SOUR CREAM: Nancy's Organic. If you can't find it Horizon is okay, but Nancy's has a great flavor and is really rich.
FAVORITE CHOCOLATE BAR, MILK: Chocolove's Milk Chocolate with Toffee and Almonds. I don't hate dark chocolate, but I must confess, I prefer milk chocolate.
BEST TOMATO JUICE: Luvli Juices makes, without a doubt, the best tomato juice I've ever tried. It comes spicy and regular. I like the spicy, but the regular has a better tomato flavor.
BEST CRANBERRY DRINK: Knudsens makes a sparkling cranberry juice that is fantastic, I only wish it came in a bigger bottle.
That's all for now, hope everyone is well.

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