Thursday, July 5, 2007

Anorexia? That's a small island in Greece, no?

I've run into some anorexics in my time on earth, and I have to say, I'm utterly unsympathetic to this disorder. If you're too stupid to eat, DIE!! Let the motherfuckers starve, I say. You don't want to eat, don't fucking eat. Just don't bother the rest of us. I notice, by the way, you don't run into anorexics in Africa, or any place where people are actually starving. It seems to be a condition of the middle and upper classes. I'm not interested in how some twerp decides that she's too fat, and looking like an Auschwitz survivor is becoming. Eating, along with sex, are the two major biological impulses common to almost all species, and if you feel you don't need to eat, fine. But I don't want to waste any resouces saving you. If these whiny shnooks were allowed to die, the world would be a better place.
Along with anorexia, America probably has the fattest kids on earth. I"m shocked when I see how bloated and out of shape youngsters are. When I was a kid, there was always one really fat kid in the class, now, all kids are like that fat kid. It's a good way to keep your kids from having sex, but it's repulsive. You don't see this many bloat bags in Europe, though I suspect that may change. Part of this is the pathetic American diet, part of it is kids sitting playing computer games and the like. I almost never see kids playing the wide variety of street games we played: no hopscotch, ringolevio, stickball, etc. I lived my whole childhood on the street.
Guess I'm just a cranky old man. Can't wait to get a cane and whack people on their heads.


roy said...

Both the syndromes you describe indicate a lack of joy in the lives of our people. Like Mr. Papadakis said in Mamet's adaptation of The Postman Always Rings Twice, "You know, Frank, this country... opportunity, yes, but no happiness."

I think we should start re-legalizing all the things that have been banned over the last hundred years until people start cheering up.

Rotten Tomato Girl said...

Wow. You know, I've always been taught to be sympathetic to those who are suffering in life, ie the mentally ill, obese, etc. However, lately I've developed a complete and total disregard for those who take their food for granted, and also those who wish to become pretentious whores over their food. Although it seems wrong in principle, I've also decided that people have been taught to whine and cry over what self help books and stupid TV shows like Dr. Phil tell them about their "abusive" childhoods. There is a lack of happiness in this country for sure, but because of all our so-called freedoms here, it is also everyone's God-given right to whine about it and become a burden to others.

Most people who self mutilate do so for attention. I imagine that most Ethiopians aren't concerned with how much attention Mommy and Daddy are paying to them, nor would they turn down a helping of Kentucky Fried Chicken just because some whack-job in a chicken suit waving a sign told them they were going to hell.

luccy said...

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